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Dungeon Strike!

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A physics-based game where you click and drag at enemies to attack them. Watch out, they'll attack right back. Buy items to help you get to the end to slay the dragon!

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In Dungeon Strike!, you gotta click and drag to win. Clicking and dragging not only attacks, but moves the characters as well. In fact, aside from the between level menus, clicking and dragging is the only thing you can do. Good positioning can save you from a devastating attack or set you up for a coup de grace, so best get flicking!

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Unity 5.61f1

Adobe Photoshop

Sibelius 6 Student



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Jonathan Ying: Game Design, Art, Concept

Juan Irizarry-Cole: Programming, Music, UI Design

Special thanks to
Ryan McLeod: he made the songs loop cause we don't know how

yoshi kuroi: they giffed up our cover image

And all our friends who supported us!


Dungeon Strike Mac 48 MB
Dungeon Strike Windows 32 MB

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